YNSA – Japanese Scalp Acupuncture

YNSA – Japanese Scalp Acupuncture

The Acupuncture and moxa are general broad name which contain lots of school- different thoughts and uses, inside there is one method which is being used on the human scalp and it has direct connection to the brain areas.
this method was developed by japanese neurologist name Dr.Toshikatsu Yamamoto, it was developed on the basis of the chinese scalp method.

its a method which we, in the clinic, started to use in the last 2-3 years as another method which accompany the body acupuncture, with or without connection to the usual acupuncture. its very good method to wide range of problems: orthopedics, neurology, internal medicine problems and also other problems which accompany oncology.

after finish doing the first questioning and decided about the diagnosis and strategy of how we want to treat, the patient will lie down on the treatment bed and than we do another diagnosis in which we check some reflex areas and according to the check, we decide where to needles on the scalp, of course we take under consideration the main problem.

the acupuncture itself is being done by using needles which are thicker than the usual ones in order to make stronger stimulation and they stay in the scalp the whole time of treatment. when finish the treatment, the scalp needles also taken out.
there are conditions in which we ask the patient to leave the needles more time, of course we explain how to take them out.

in babies and kids, the treatment is being done by using shonishin

mostly right after using the method can see results, for example: patient with sciatica, serious one which came to us, using a belt and barely could move and straight his back, after using the method, could take out his belt and straight his back, walking and could see on his face that he is in much less pain.

of course it depend on the problem and its severity but generally light conditions, enough to treat with the regular acupuncture but on serious conditions, its best to come 1-2 times during the week, only to put the needles on the scalp and than leave it for few hours in addition to the regular acupuncture treatment.

on 2016/9 Terue went to Hokkaido, Japan in order to study the method from one of Dr. Yamamoto’s students

and this year 2017/6 Terue will go to Miyazaki, Japan where Dr. Yamamoto’s center and overthere participate in a conference with Yamamoto. till nowadays the method is continuing to develp and being researched