Head symptoms aggravated by steroids

Head symptoms aggravated by steroids

On July, a woman came to us in her fifties, she work in the hospital. she had very serious acute headache accompanied by tinnitus. during questionning she said that the headaches aggravated when she sat down or standing, so most of time she had to lie down. Read more »

Young girl and the Facial Paralysis

Case report of 15  years old girl which had facial paralysis, the daughter of our breast cancer patient.

3 weeks ago, called us our patient, breast cancer, told me:” Arik, I dont know what to do, my daughter few days ago got back from school and I almost fainted, half of her face was paralyzed”. I told her, there is no question about it, just bring her, so my wife will check her and start treatment. she made an appointment- in the end the acupuncture helped

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