Serious allergy from chemotherapy

Serious allergy from chemotherapy

Serious allergy from chemotherapy


2 month ago, a woman came our clinic in her sixties which suffered from serious allergy after getting chemotherapy for her breast cancer.The allergy which she suffered prevented her from continue getting chemo, so she came our clinic when the main goal is help treating the allergy when afterwards she will get radiotherapy.

the dermatologists also didn’t have much to offer her, the allergy included itching till the level of bleeding, the itching would start as feeling of ants, continue to swollen above the skin level and like blisters. the itching would disturb her sleeping. the skin in the area of the neck has become black color from the allergy. she also suffered from coughing which wasn’t so serious but started on the same time of the allergy.

we started with acupuncture and herbs when the main goal is stop the itching and improve her condition so she could continue her treatment. after 2 weeks she started to improve, we also found out that she took the herbs in wrong dosage- less than I requested.

After another 2 weeks, big improvement began, most of the itching areas got smaller, also had improvement with other symptoms which accompanied the itching, the itching frequency at night improved in 50%

Because the skin areas which suffered the allergy couldn’t sweat, so we asked her to do stuff that these areas will start sweat and after week and half the thickness of the areas got thinner. on the same time she got some cream from her dermatologist.




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