Nausea in pregnancy

Nausea in pregnancy

western aspect

Mostly there are some changes in the estrogen level which happen in beginning and making the stomach emptiness slower so nausea starts which is diagnosed as: morning sickness. when it continues, there are some food which the pregnant woman doesn’t want to eat or some smells.

Chinese aspect

Chinese medicine have 6 main meridians and except them, there are 8 extra meridians, one of them is called: surge meridian, it starts between the anus and vagina (women) go straight upwards. have big connection to pregnancy. in the beginning it start to be filled and suppose to harmonize all meridians of the body and to be filled with qi and blood. becaause its normal circulation is going upwards, it make the stomach qi rebel upwards which is pathological movement than we can see 2 things:
1. weakness of digestive system2. liver and stomach not harmonized
All of this is explained very good in the first gynecological book, called: FU REN LIANG FANG

So can understand that nausea is something normal during pregnancy, but every woman have its own constitution, its own weaknesses.

In China lots of women will come to see Chinese medicine doctor who will prescribe herbs or do some acupuncture to ease the nausea. we in Osogami- Eastern Medicine Clinic think that no need to seek for help or take herbs, because even if it would be the safest herbs on earth, its still a kind of medications which can influence the fetus and on the other hand its known that acupuncture can help nausea. from our clinical experience, acupuncture doesnt work so much for every woman, there are 2 other things:
1. Ginger tea- which can also help for nausea
2. kind of asian grandma medic- take rice and fry it on  a pan (no need to add oil) till the rice is getting brown color. you make like tea and this drink it.





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