Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbology

Chinese Herbal Medicine is the main treatment method which considered the heart of the Chinese Medicine.

This method  is being used till nowadays in the whole world in lots of private clinics and hospitals for the treatment of many problems and diseases. because of the demand for herbs which is grown, this field have become a big industry that is equal to the medication industry in the aspect of the quality control, the herbs are being grown organically under the most serious regulations. Because in our clinic the most important thing is that the patient will get the best stuff  with the highest quality.

Another aspect, which is very important to us, is the way the herbs are being delivered to the patient. the pharmacy which we work with, uses one of the best delivery service in order the patient will get the herbs as fast and safe as possible.

Herbal Medicine is natural method which can profoundly affect the health with the less side effect as possible.
after deep questionaning of the patient together with checking the patient tongue and feeling the pulse, we in our clinic, can understand the mechanism of the disease and according to this process, can prescribe formula of herbs which can help in the healing process.

In our clinic, we prescribe herbs in 3 main methods:
Decoction- the patient will get to his house number of bags (decided by the practitioner) which contain dry herbs. these herbs need to be cooked and afterwards need to drink the liquid which comes out from the cooking. the taste of the herbs is quite strong. this method usually need to take around one week (till next appointment) to see, mainly in the beginning, how the patient is getting used to the taste and which symptoms are getting better or which new symptoms comes up. This method is the traditional method, which till today is being used in China and its our preferred one, in our clinic. this method is the most affective and quickest one that can see result, compare to the other ones. but it has 2 main problems:
Time- the cooking time and other preparation takes about one hour or more.
Taste- in this method, the patient can feel the taste of the herbs and its not tasty.

Herbal drink on the linen table

Powder- herbs powder is made by drying herbs and afterwards grind them in machine. its the preferred method in the world. in the old books, there are quite few formulas which are being used as powders. after making the formula, the patient put in a cup number of spoons (being told by the practitioner) and than need to add hot water, drink it.
this method is more convinient for chronic diseases, because its more slowly than decoction.
this method, most of people prefer it because no need for any preparation but here also the taste of the herbs is quite strong.

Capsules- herbs powder or after grinding dry herbs, the powder is being put inside capsules and this way the patient can take the herbs. this method is quite new and more convenient for the patients, because no taste or smell whatsoever. here also the result is slower than decoction. Generally in our clinic, the herbs are being prescribed to the patient individually and cant pass to another person.

The herbs in the beginning are being prescribed for short time to see how the patient deal with it (taste) and what affect does it have and afterwards when can see the patient is getting used to the taste and there is improvement in the condition, can prescribe for longer time, of course with some changes according to the condition. Patients which start treatment process in our clinic, we ask in the first appointment to bring the latest blood check result, so we can have some documentation of the blood check was before the treatment. Mainly when the treatment is going to be long term, we ask every few month to do blood checking, so we can see if there is something which isnt regular in the body functions.

The reason is that herbs which are natural medication which we bring inside our body is medication like any other, meaning have affect on the body.