Breast cancer patient with Phantom Pain

Breast cancer patient with phantom pain

Nice lady in her sixties arrived to our clinic in June, when year before she had mastectomy of left breast and afterwards the right one because she had cancer. During the surgery, they put inside stretchers and she wasn’t interested in reconstruction of her breasts. this patient is also bit fat. she came to us with really sharp pain on both sides, something which can be described as phantom pain but its not so common. Read more »

Acupuncturist turn his patient into Hedgehog

Acupuncturist turn his patient into hedgehog

Once in a while we ran into stories about practitioners which use strange methods in order to take out money from people (not so polite language), mainly with patients who have chronic and difficult diseases, I must say I saw this also in China, when I studied there my M.A in Oncology. Read more »

What a weekend

what a weekend

And what a weekend it was, our weekend started yesterday in the morning when I had cancer patient. before my patient, around 8 am, we got a phone which we didnt answer, right away a sms came, said:” I got your number from a friend, My wife have to get treatment from Terue, no matter what hour”.
So because I also had a meeting, we told the guy that his wife come to our clinic at 14:00. Read more »

Head symptoms aggravated by steroids

Head symptoms aggravated by steroids

On July, a woman came to us in her fifties, she work in the hospital. she had very serious acute headache accompanied by tinnitus. during questionning she said that the headaches aggravated when she sat down or standing, so most of time she had to lie down. Read more »

Small unfinished story about breast cancer patient

Small unfinished story about breast cancer patient

Nice woman in her fifties with 2 small kids, have metastatic breast cancer (liver and bones) came to our clinic on september after starting her treatment protocol which is called: AC–> TAX.
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