Young girl and the Facial Paralysis

Young girl and the Facial Paralysis

Case report of 15  years old girl which had facial paralysis, the daughter of our breast cancer patient.

3 weeks ago, called us our patient, breast cancer, told me:” Arik, I dont know what to do, my daughter few days ago got back from school and I almost fainted, half of her face was paralyzed”. I told her, there is no question about it, just bring her, so my wife will check her and start treatment. she made an appointment- in the end the acupuncture helped

Day after we got from them few calls, the daughter was afraid because the doctor told her that she must not do a thing except resting, in addition she read that there was once a patient which had acupuncture and the paralysis got worse. than we talked with her daughter, it didnt help much cause she was very afraid from what the doctor said.

after few hours we got a call again in which the mother said:”Arik, Im sorry but she is too afraid, so we need to cancel. I will contact you in 2 weeks”.
2 days afterward, Saturday night, the mother called and said, I convinced her so I would like to make appointment to your wife. 2 days afterwards they arrived.

During questioning her, the doctor gave her steroids 60mg for 10 days, every other day need to decrease till she finish it all, the doctor promised her that he have lots of patients which finished the steroids and their face got back to 100% normal condition.

Terue expained to her that from her experience as fast as we start to treat, the results will be better. When they arrived to the first treatment, she had some small improvement- closing her eye lid. Terue told her that in the beginning she have to come twice a week, including some light massage which she have to do in the area, which need to be done 3 times day.

The second time they came on the same week, there was already small improvement in the closing of the eye lid and smiling but she said she didnt have much time for massage because of her studying.

The third time she came there was big improvement in all parameters: closing eye lid, lifting her cheek, smiling and she also had some sensation on her tongue.
The mother told us that they went to the north for second opinion consultation with neurologist that said that she would add her some anti-viral medics and regarding the acupuncture, the doc was pleased with it.

Today, 3 weeks after, she continue to come once week, the condition is much better and almost cant be seen

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