What a weekend

What a weekend

what a weekend

And what a weekend it was, our weekend started yesterday in the morning when I had cancer patient. before my patient, around 8 am, we got a phone which we didnt answer, right away a sms came, said:” I got your number from a friend, My wife have to get treatment from Terue, no matter what hour”.
So because I also had a meeting, we told the guy that his wife come to our clinic at 14:00.The nice lady arrived to our clinic from a MOSHAV located near the air port, the story was:
week ago the lady with her husband came back from vacation over seas, over there she was exposed to cold wind and afterwards in the air plane she didnt cover her body, so she was exposed again to air condition, all this was really bad to her back. she started to suffer from back ache which radiated to her leg on the front aspect.

She went to see practitioner near jerusalem which busted her back with cupping and massage which aggravated her pain, till she almost couldnt breath and couldnt touch the area. that practitioner didnt use needles at all.

After Terue finished the questionning, she started to use needles in japanese method with moxa, of course at this stage the acupuncture was very delicate. Day after we called her to see how she was doing, she said that still got pain but much less.

Today, Saturday, we had picnic with friends, we got back home around noon, when we were taking the stuff out from our car, our friend called us and said that he got really bad cold: yellow runny nose with lots of phlegm, yellow color, already 3 days. he asked us if its possible to come to his house for treatment cause he is half dead, we told him ok, give us half hour and we will come. we finished to talk and right away his mom called us (she is also our patient) asking us also to go treat him at their house. we arrived at 16:00.

Eventually our weekend finished at 19:00, half of it work and half resting












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