I must thank Terue for the treatment which she gave our son yesterday was the first night for some time in which we could sleep quietly, the cough was much better and it was in order to take out the phlegm (which didnt have in the past from the medications)
I wanted tell you that you really helped me. I had really tough time and after 17 years of working as a teacher, I decided to take vacation with no payment, cause I felt I had to. next month I will start to work as an editor from my house. time of changes, which taking your herbs made it much more simple. ”
Our called us in early friday morning that she got acute pain in her knee, probably connected to the statins which she takes. day after treatment, because we asked her, how is she doing, she wrote this: really big improvement in the pain, though still some pain. after I was talking to her, she told me about Terue: an amazing woman, how can someone not like her, what a service
after treatment of acupuncture and chinese herbs, the chemo going smooth, blood counts are ok, so the doc decided no need to use bone marrow injections to boost the immune system. yesterday she told me: Its pity I found you just now and not when the story began
Although Terue didnt say this but I was little pessimistic so that I will have to get again steroids injection to my knee. Even the orthopedic didnt believe that today is already 3 years since my last injection and if it will continue than I wont need anymore injections. This guy is one of Terue’s oldest patients in our clinic which told her this sentence for few times and in very happy face.
The mother told Terue, It was amazing to see that one month in which the kid had 3 times throat infection and had to use antibiotics, we came see you and using Shoni-Shin, now 2 month after and the kid is healthy.
Arik, If till now I had some doubts regarding the effectiveness of the treatment than from today Im the last person who can say this. Now I see the difference between having treatment or not having regards to the Lichen Planus


Came to us with few menopause symptoms when the main 2 symptoms were: massive bleeding with no connection to her period and also night sweating.
today after month and half of taking herbs, we got in the morning sms from the lady saying:
happy to say that the period have arrived after one week of very light bleeding and the night sweating are very light