Information to the patient

Explanations to the patient

The treatment in “Osogami-Eastern Medicine Clinic” includes: thorough diagnosis to find the root of the problem and combined treatment of Chinese acupuncture and/or Japanese, tuina, Chinese herbs, cupping, electro-acupuncture, moxa, diet, exercises. In order that the treatment will be successful, there is high importance of persistence in the treatments.

 First appointment:

 The whole treatment process is based on the first appointment which include the thorough diagnosis on your medical condition, find the causes of your disharmony and life habits, that’s why the first appointment will be longer than the rest of the appointments (about 2 hours).

 The first appointment includes: thorough diagnosis, treatment in the problem, deciding on the treatment process include the frequency and length, recommendation on Chinese herbs, changing the diet. The diagnosis itself include: questionanning, looking at medical checkups, checking pulse and tongue. After the diagnosis, we define our treatment strategy including: the frequency and length of it.

After the diagnosis, we will give the first treatment which is important, because it starts the treatment process.

 Every treatment- we will start with some questions regarding the improvement of the condition and according to the improvement, the treatment will continue.

 The treatment payment doesn’t include the Chinese herbs payment which will be prescribed, if needed. The herbs payment will be charged by the pharmacy.

 The patient must arrive on time to the appointment, if the patient is late, meaning the treatment will be shorter.

 If the patient will be late in half hour, it will be considered cancellation, there wont be a refund.

 Cancellation of the treatment in less than 24 hours, the patient will have to pay for the treatment as if he came to the appointment.

 If buying serial of treatments, the patient must arrive right on time according to the time of the appointments which was decided by the patient and the practitioner.

 If serial of treatments is being cancelled from some reason, the patient must notify 14 days before, its recommended not to stop the serial all of sudden.

 buying serial of treatments is valid for 6 month from the date of payment, there wont be any refund, if the treatments weren’t used through this time frame.

 The patient is requested to come with comfortable clothes, which can give free excess to the knees and lower, from elbows to the hands.

 We recommend not to eat an hour before treatment