Small unfinished story about breast cancer patient

Small unfinished story about breast cancer patient

Small unfinished story about breast cancer patient

Nice woman in her fifties with 2 small kids, have metastatic breast cancer (liver and bones) came to our clinic on september after starting her treatment protocol which is called: AC–> TAX.
The woman came to our clinic through her friend which is also our patient because of digestive system cancer. both of them work in the same office.
in the beginning when she came, she looked awful and for 3 times had to get blood infusion, her walking was like she couldn’t woke on one foot (she had bones MT). from the pain she suffered, she took pain killers, like: PERCOSET which she used to take every 4 hours, she looked pale.

In the eyes of chinese medicine the breast cancer have problem  in 2 main systems: liver and digestive. we started treatment once a week with acupuncture and in the end of treatment we did massage with aromatic oils to strength the body and relief pain and in addition, she got herbs, which actually was divided into two: capsules in the morning and in evening herbs which she had to cook in order to support her bone marrow. after starting our treatment, the last time she had to get blood infusion was before she came to use, cause since than her blood count was almost normal.
she started to feel so good, on holidays they went for vacations.

There was one time when she came for treatment, I decided to ask her if she is willing to try to lie on her back, cause till than she always only lied on her side, she was overwhelmed that she could lie on her back for the whole treatment

The last month and half we could also see change in her walking, she could walk like any other healthy person and with the pain killers, so now there are days which she have to take only 2-3 pills the whole day and between one pill to another, she can wait longer than 4 hours

New update- last week she had PETCT, today she sent me the result which made her very happy cause the liver and bones MT disappeared, this week she suppose to see her oncologist to decide how to continue.

will see







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