The skeptical patient and the lichen planus

The skeptical patient and the lichen planus

The skeptical patient and the lichen planus

Yesterday we had patient in the clinic who is in her fifties with not so nice disease, called: LICHEN PLANUS. mostly no one knows what cause her to burst  but there is some connection to emotional stress, western medicine doesnt have any good solution for it except follow up cause the fear is that it will transform into cancer.

Its a patient who I already treat for the last half year, when I started treat her in the hospital, my manager told me that there is possibility that she will start go to my private clinic cause she is very anxious. in the last half year we progressed alot with her mouth symptoms. on April, during check up which she did, although the doc saw that the mouth have this disease but when she asked the patient what does she do because most of the symptoms disappeared, the patient said she uses chinese medicine, than the doc looked at her like the patient fell from the moon, because she didn’t understand how come all the symptoms gone.

From the time she decided to come to my clinic till she came for the first time, it was month and half . she said she had really difficult time because lots of reasons in addition for the last 2 weeks she caught influenza.

When she came, the first sentence was:

Arik, I would like to tell you that if in the past I doubted the effectiveness of chinese medicine, today Im the last person would say chinese medicine doesnt work

I asked her what happened it took her month and half come for treatment and in this time she had some flare up in the disease, so she came eventually and we started again with acupuncture and herbs. day after the treatment, I got from her sms which said its first night in 3 weeks she could sleep really good for 8 hours.

When she arrived for the second time, she said that her mouth is much better, her sleeping is good and feel more energetic. afterwards she told me about her young family doctor and how he talked to her regarding her disease. in the beginning of the week, she went to see her doc and to ask for colonoscopy, because 6 month ago her father died from colon cancer.
the doc told her, why do you want to do this, there is no reason to do it, this cancer have no genetic connection what so ever. afterwards he told her, I see you got LICHEN PLANUS, no need to pay attention to this, you dont have any idea how many people suffer from this?!
When she told me about this, I told her, I would like to see what your mouth doctor would have to say about this, because this kind of disease can transform into cancer.

than the doc asked her, so what or how you treat it and the patient said that she uses chinese medicine for it, than came the most stupid answer:

ok, If you believe in it. anyway it cant harm






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