Person’s character and the kind of cancer

Person’s character and the kind of cancer

Person’s character and the kind of cancer

In chinese medicine usually in the first appointment we do deep questioning in order to find out what disturb the person, checking where he or she have excess- deficiency which make the person feel like he or she feels, the person’s constitution, meaning with what he came to our world which can cause this condition.When I studied in China and worked with my teachers (more specific in oncology) we used to see breast cancer patients who said:”I don’t know how this disease fell on me, all of sudden”, than my teacher used to ask them about their mood, character and usually we saw that this or that nice lady actually used to keep all the things inside her and doesn’t take them out and in this process the cancer starts when eventually have tumor- chinese medicine aspect. that teacher during the examination used to look at the lady’s palm and tell her stuff about her without him asking her- usually he was right.

In this kind of case, I ran into this week, when nice lady in her fifties, who work in in the education main office. this lady came with colon cancer (without any MT), of course she also said that she doesn’t understand how this disease came, after she eats very healthy, doing sports, her family doesn’t have any history of cancer, she also emphasized that she is very happy that she doesn’t have any MT.

She told me how all started:
There was one night that she and her partner went to family party in which they ate all kind of stuff, after some time, she felt abdomen discomfort and she went to the bathroom and had diarrhea that inside was blood.
Of course after that event, she went to do checkup, because she thought she had something not good, through all the check up, doc also sent her to do colonoscopy, during the checkup the doc already told her that she got tumor.
Afterwards the doc told her to start look for good surgeon, because the location of the tumor, she met one surgeon which she said it was like meeting a robot and deaf woman, because after he entered, it was like technical meeting which she didn’t listen and didn’t understand. in the end she told him that what bother her is what the ending result will be.

After questioning her (including tongue and pulse), I asked about her mood and character, I found out that she is one of those who keep everything to themselves except the stress from her job.

Few month ago in one of our staff meeting, My work in Belinson, we talked about one research who tried to do some comparison on which people with specific characteristic can suffer from which kind of cancer, which have big similarity to chinese medicine.

After we finished to talk, I explained to her about how in chinese medicine we see the things which can cause colon cancer, if we talk about her specific than her cancer have connection to her constitution- liver and lung, because in chinese medicine the colon have important role in taking out all the physical and mental garbage outside from the body.

So, western aspect, soon she will start radiotherapy, when she already started chemo in pills and afterwards she will have surgery.







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