Nice kid with chronic strido

Nice kid with chronic strido

Nice kid with chronic strido

Yesterday 5 years old kid arrived to Terue through a friend, he suffer almost from zero age strido. the mom described that in one year, almost 300 days he use steroids because he got lots of attacks which continue from 2 weeks to 3 month including hospitalization.The kid from 3 month old started suffer from stride, at the age of 5 month old he had some break and than again till this day. last couple month, he didnt have any attack at all, so the mom thought:”thought the story is behind us” but actually because he started to suffer again, so she called us.

The kid having on regular basis 2 inhalators: Ventolin and the other suppose to dry out the phlegm. since he started the steroids, the runny nose became green, the attacks are more at night which can continue for 2 hours without stop coughing, so sometimes the neighbors could think they have at home a dog or that something strange is happening.

During serious attack, they need to go the hospital and than he gets really serious steroids which causing a break for 5 days but the kid is totally confused, doesn’t know what he wants etc.

except this, he have constipation and his skin is dry (also connect to the autumn) these 2 things have connection in chinese medicine.

Terue started to treat him with shonishin for an hour including massage with aromatic oils. we decided to meet a week after, unless serious attack will happen. of course we also discussed with them about nutrition.

day after we called to hear how did the kid reacted, the mom said:

I have to thank Terue for the treatment, it was the first night for a while that the kid slept really quiet. he had 2 times coughing but much more relaxed and it seemed that the purpose of the coughing was to take out phlegm

For us it was good to hear and also for first treatment for this kid, very good reaction!






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