Shoni-Shin- Special Treatment for babies

Shoni-Shin- Special Treatment for Babies

What is this treatment?
From zero age till around the age of getting the school (first grade), in our treatment we don’t insert needles into the child/infant’s body. Instead we use the tool (which is in the picture) to stimulate the acupuncture points or on meridians on which we want to work and stimulate.

Of course this treatment has no pain what so ever, the feeling is something like massage on the skin and that’s why usually during this treatment can see the child/infant are comfortable or being tickled.
This treatment in its Japanese name include the word needles even though actually there is no needle which is being used.
The body of infants/childs and adults are totally different. Their growth speed is high, the living energy is very strong, their qi circulation is smooth and big. So the lightest stimulation with no needles being used will start the body healing process.

Which kind of diseases can be treated:
• Syndromes and symptoms connect to stress and irritability: crying, anxiety, urine at night, etc.
• Diarrhea and other condition connect to digestive system
• Easily catch cold
• Runny nose and blocked nose
• Allergy, atopic, asthma, etc.
• Bad appetite
• Bad focus, ADHD
When there is disease, one of the symptoms from the upper table, can use this method.
Till the age of 3, when there are symptoms which are being treated, the results are very good, but the goal which is better and more important is the preventive aspect which is being emphasized in Chinese Medicine and in our clinic.
Infants and child when being treated, during treating symptoms, the immune system can become stronger and this way the healing system of the body also will get stronger, during the treatment there are other aspects which can become better, like: appetite become better, smoother grow up, not easily catch cold and if catch cold, will be much faster to disappear with no other side effects and other complications. Also the sleeping will be smoother.

The best method is not to wait for symptoms or disease to show up and than take action by taking herbs or acupuncture in order to heal the disease, but prevent the disease to make smoother grow up by making the immune system stronger and in this way the percentage of getting ill, will go down.

In addition we add here a clip, which shows how the treatment is being done: