Cushing syndrome patient

Cushing syndrome patient

Cushing syndrome patient

An old patient of ours in her fifties working as a teacher, from the beginning had anxiety and fibromialgia which didn’t get any medics for it, for long time took herbs and had acupuncture, something like a year, we didn’t hear from her.About year ago, I contacted her to ask how is she doing and she told me that  she was diagnosed with depression, she didn’t want to leave the house and quit her job. a psychiatrist who saw her, prescribed her medication called: SYMBALTA. she took only one pill and right away started suffer from side effects: dizziness, nausea. eventually she told:

Arik, you must prescribe me herbs to save me from this medication

We made her an appointment and she arrived, I prescribed her herbs after making diagnosis (didnt want acupuncture) and she started to feel better without using the medication. she took the herbs for 3 month and disappeared but we stayed in touch.

Around January, she contacted me again and told me that she started to do some check ups cause her face have swollen, serious dry mouth, so we continued with herbs which made little improvement. in the end of the month, doc diagnosed she have at night jaws closure so in order to prevent her losing her teeth, she went to dentist and he gave her to put at night splint.

All this time she continue her check ups and than around April, in urine and blood check, was found out her cortisol is high, it was first time her doc told maybe she got a kind of tumor in her brain which press and causing extra cortisol in her blood and urine. from August I started to take this under consideration when prescribing the herbs, the peek of the cortisol was at August, at this month she went to see endocrinologist which said maybe she have cushing syndrome and at that time the period also totally stopped, she also had to do CT.

In September when did the CT, the doc told her not to go right away for surgery cause usually the tumor can return again, so she suggest to do follow ups, the patient notify her doc that she takes herbs, so the doc said no problem, tell your practitioner that the most important is to lower the cortisol.

In the end of October the first positive result came, after 2 month of taking herbs, the cortisol went down to level of 130 when the normal high border is 90







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