Changes on Tongue, Changes in condition

Changes on Tongue, Changes in condition

Changes on Tongue, Changes in condition


One of the main Chinese Medicine diagnosis tools is the tongue, which is actually a muscle which can reflect the situation of the body.

the tongue is divided to 5 areas which reflect 3 parts in the human body:
Front- reflect the heart and lung, meaning the upper part of the body
Middle– reflect the spleen-stomach, meaning the middle part of the body
Lower– reflect the kidney, meaning the lower part of the body
In addition we also have the sides of the tongue which reflect the liver-Gall Bladder.
Lots of times in college we learn the diagnosis tools of the chinese medicine, when there are 2 main tools: tongue and pulse but not just them. because its quite hard to learn these tools, in the tongue aspect, usually the students use pictures albums to see lots of tongue photos and with pulse, the only way is feel lots and lots of pulses in lots of conditions.
with people who have light disease, the differences in pulse and tongue aren’t so drastically, compare to those who have complicated diseases or having medical procedures. Nowadays, I can say that students who learn these diagnosis methods can use the help of 2 main characters in order to learn the methods quite good: kids and people having radical medical procedures.

With kids its nice to see the tongue when they are healthy and when they are catching cold, maybe more when they have disease in the digestive system, I will take our son as an example: last time when he was sick, caught cold with fever, abdomen pain etc. usually his tongue is reddish-pinky with light coating but when he caught this cold, it was red with greasy thick coating, yellow color.

If I look on the other character, we had patient who had to get self marrow implant. the guy in his seventies had B-cell lymphoma in his heart, all the time we gave him herbs and made acupuncture, his tongue was reddish with light yellow coating, after his medical condition was ok, the doctors decided to implant his own bone marrow.
The guy didnt get herbs for month half, because of infection which he had with high fever.

The first time I saw him after the implant, he looked like mess, dizzy, low appetite, bad mood, wants to sleep all time, when he took out his tongue, all could be explained, meaning his tongue was purple pale but dark, yellow greasy thick coating with teeth mark. all these signs show heavy hot damp in the digestive system which infected his whole body.
His pulse before the implant was jumpy and rapid but after slippery foggy.

I think that these 2 characters are the best to learn from the chinese medicine diagnosis method as student


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