Breast cancer patient with Phantom Pain

Breast cancer patient with Phantom Pain

Breast cancer patient with phantom pain

Nice lady in her sixties arrived to our clinic in June, when year before she had mastectomy of left breast and afterwards the right one because she had cancer. During the surgery, they put inside stretchers and she wasn’t interested in reconstruction of her breasts. this patient is also bit fat. she came to us with really sharp pain on both sides, something which can be described as phantom pain but its not so common.When the nice lady came to us, she was already using pill called: LYRICA which were supposed to help her with the pain but without success, because it made her dizzy (one of the side effects).

In the beginning I used method in acupuncture, called: meridian therapy, on chinese medicine aspect I diagnosed she got blockage in the pericardium meridian. I used this method for week and half but with out any big success, so afterwards I decided to change my diagnosis, although usually I give it a try for longer time, for some reason I had the feeling that I need to change and indeed I used the method like I use when I prescribe herbs.

After little more questioning regarding her pain and feelings, I diagnosed her pain as a chinese medicine disease called: chest obstruction, which is arise from damp in the area, making the qi flow slower and feeling pain.

Looking back, the change which I made regarding how I see her pain in chinese medicine eyes is what her case report a success, cause from that day on for one month, she had consistent improvement.




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