Our baby and the Allergy

Our baby and the Allergy

Our baby and the allergy

Small story about our one year old baby who decided to “catch” allergy. the story started last Tuesday, when my wife went to pick up his big brother from the kinder garden.Like every day when we go pick up our son from the kinder garden, if Terue doesnt have patients than they stay outside for playing with his friends. this time while he was playing, my wife noticed that our small baby started to have big serious rashes on his skin- mainly upper body, when she lifted his shirt, she was overwhelmed how big the rashes were and also very red. she called me to make appointment to his doc so she could check out these rashes.

When they came back home, we decided to put some fenistil gel and after finish eating, we washes the kids as always, when washes them, we found out that the rashes disappeared. I told Terue that I think in that case we should cancel but she insisted, so at 21:00 we traveled to our doc and after checking it, the doc prescribed fenistil as pills.

Wednesday morning we had a meeting and afterwards we went to a pharmacy, the seller told us this:

these pills need to take for every kg, one drop. the kid could be sleepy but need to pay attention, because if you give too much, he can suffer from asthma

In the minute I heard this, I told my wife, Our baby wont take this pill. I had enough experience to see in China with my teacher, how patients who got medics for skin allergy developed asthma and other lung diseases.

Terue and me decided that if after 2 days the allergy wont disappear, I will prescribe him some but anyway on that night, treated him with and as we thought in the morning the allergy disapeared when the only thing left was little sneezing. in chinese medicine this can be explained that the pathogen went straight to the level of the blood in the lung, went back to qi level and eventually out.






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