Automn according to Chinese Medicine

Automn according to Chinese Medicine

Automn according to Chinese Medicine

The autumn already have begun and the changes can be felt in the air. Can see the leaves fall from trees, feel the light cool air in the evening and slowly the air is getting cold.
According to chinese medicine, the season start at September 23nd (the day in which the day hours and night hours are equal) and continues for 3 month till December 21st (the longest day in the year)

This season is between the pick of the yang (summer) and pick of yin (winter). season which the weather changes are big, while in morning and evening cool, at noon warm. These changes influence our body which can suffer from complicated diseases.

In this season, according to chinese medicine the main energy is dryness but from other aspect this dryness can be pathological, because too little humidity in the air, dryness can damage the throat and nose. because the weather changes are too big, the body can suffer more from diseases, mainly suffer from cold disease pathogen (chinese medicine have 6 disease pathogens). This kind of disease pathogen can influence the digestive system: diarrhea, coughing, runny nose etc. which all have same 4 symptoms: fever, vomiting, abdomen pain, diarrhea.

There is great importance to the human constitution and its ability to adapt to the changes around him, this adaptability is what gives every person its advantages and disadvantages regarding which kind of diseases he will suffer. Because of this difference, there is need to give every person, its own nutrition which will fit him and treatment, according to chinese medicine, nutrition influence the physiology and even its patho-physiology (the process which eventually cause the human body to suffer from disease).
There is correlation between the interior and exterior of the body, example to which kind of nutrition is good during the autumn and also can help prevent diseases is: banana, apples, radish, honey, soya milk, in addition the best thing is eat less hot and deep fried food.

When kids and babies having autumn diarrhea, need to fix their nutrition, they need to eat more light and tasteless food, like: dish which doesn’t have spices, porridge which are easy to digest (best on basis of rice). in order to prevent this situation, better use food which are hygienically clean and drink less cold drink.

The autumn is related to the lung according to chinese medicine. The lung protect the body by their natural physiology – flowing downward (connect to the kidney in the breathing process) and outwards (to the skin).
During the autumn the winds are getting cooler, make the skin shrink, it becomes delicate than usual but actually protect our body, because when the skin shrinks, it prevent from disease pathogens get inside through it but there are some disease pathogens which invade the body through the nose and mouth, directly damage the lung functions, this way a person will start suffer dry cough.

The chinese medicine pay great attention to nutrition and its connection to preventive medicine, one of the main parameters is every season have its own nutrition, so therefore need to control about the eating timing and also quantities, for example: better eat small quantities during this season, little spices dishes and better cooked dishes. Eat less hot dishes which can damage the lung, because the hot cause the lung to open the skin pores and by this expose him to invasion of pathogens.

Preparing our body to autumn and winter is a must in order the body to except the weather changes better, its better to wear more warm clothes, thick socks, cover the neck which in this area there is one acupuncture point named: 风门- wind gate, and with women also cover the lower abdomen.

We will summaries this article by a sentence which was written in the NEIJING (written 2500 years ago):

The smart people lived by the rules of nature so their body didn’t suffer from strange diseases, they didn’t lose anything which was given by nature and their life essence wasn’t exhausted

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