Acupuncturist turn his patient into Hedgehog

Acupuncturist turn his patient into Hedgehog

Acupuncturist turn his patient into hedgehog

Once in a while we ran into stories about practitioners which use strange methods in order to take out money from people (not so polite language), mainly with patients who have chronic and difficult diseases, I must say I saw this also in China, when I studied there my M.A in Oncology.Since we came back from China, already 4 years, I had a friend who kept in touch with me regarding her friend who fight cancer more than 3 years now. my friend told me, her friend get acupuncture treatments from a relative of hers for free 3-4 times a week, every time he puts lots and lots of needles on her body and of course doesn’t use herbs at all.

Every time she talked with me, I would tell her, her friend must leave this guy because its sound very strange. she told me that she tries to convince her friend but no results at all.

After some time, my friend called me again and told me that her friend started to come to her clinic for acupuncture treatments cause she left her relative. now that my friend planning to go for vacation, she wants her friend come to our clinic start getting more serious treatment including herbs. after talking, her friend called me to make an appointment.

Today was her first appointment, we also talked about her relative, I was overwhelmed including my wife when I told her about this guy. the treatment goes like this (as she described):
the practitioner ask the patient to come the clinic dressed up with comfortable clothes or change before, which is legitimate. the patient lie down on his belly, the guy puts lots and lots of needles on the back, afterwards when the needles are on the back, he ask the patient to turn around and puts lots of needles on the belly, hands and feet and for desert, on every ear something like 20 needles.

In China I already have heard about lots of strange treatments but this kind of acupuncture treatment is outrages (safety aspect), if it was regular patient than maybe but cancer patient, not enough that the chemo make them tired, the bone marrow is being depressed so blood count become low, now also get this kind of acupuncture every day which can make the patient feel much more tired

After all what I heard, I told her that I have only one sentence to say:

I’m speechless

I would like to think and believe (modestly)that after today when we met and she got all the explanations, she also got acupuncture and will start taking herbs, she understood that she came to a clinic which will treat her totally different









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